Introducing The ABPCyber Cyber Fusion Center

An intelligent fusion center designed to ​ Detect, Respond and Hunt at speed

Advanced cybersecurity for
winning enterprises

At ABPCyber, our Cyber Fusion Center (CFC) provides a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity that integrates a modernised SIEM architecture with advanced cybersecurity technologies and services.

Security outcomes that matter

Managed Detection and Response​

Our fully managed CFC operates 24/7 and is tailored to your organisation’s unique needs. With customised detection and response capabilities, you can say goodbye to alert fatigue and false positives, allowing for a faster and more efficient response to any threats.

Autonomous Detection​

Our platform leverages cutting-edge ML, AI, and SOAR technologies to deliver superior detection accuracies and efficiencies. With built-in intelligence, the system proactively responds to potential threats as the threat landscape changes, providing your organisation with enhanced protection against evolving threats.

Hunt and Investigation

Our cyber threat hunting service is proactive in nature, detecting signs of compromise before they can cause any damage to your organisation’s assets.

Incident Response

In the event of a compromise, our team is well-equipped to respond promptly and conduct a thorough forensic investigation. Our goal is to contain exposure, minimise damage, reduce recovery time, and ultimately lower total costs.

Vulnerability Management​

We take a holistic approach to vulnerability management, providing enhanced visibility, risk prioritisation, and threat intelligence to proactively identify emerging threats.

Security Validation and Assessment​

We provide continuous cybersecurity review and gap assessment services to validate your security controls, identify potential gaps, and ultimately improve your organisation’s security posture.

Unified Data Model and Enrichment

Intelligent Data Infusion

Unified Data Modelling

Our Unified Data Model utilises shared content repositories with a common language for security telemetries, which supports fast index search and simplifies detection rules​.

Cloud-native Platform

We enable you with a cloud-native platform that allows fast deployment without legacy CAPEX limitations. Our platform supports on-demand scalability with the ability to process large volumes of data in real-time.​

Data Enrichment

We provide data enrichment through 3rd party threat intelligent sources and curated indicators to enhance threat correlation to improve early detection of potential compromises​.

Security is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

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